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What is uServeHealth?

uServeHealth is a social media platform that centers on the healthcare sector, with the consumer perspective as the heart of our solution.

  • Education – providing information on a range of illnesses to help consumers understand what is happening to them
  • Connection – linking consumers to others who have an interest in health and well-being, or are undergoing similar health challenges
  • Engagement – allowing consumers to participate in online groups led by non-profit organizations, with peer support from people that have overcome a disease and who share their experiences
  • Empowerment – providing the opportunity for consumers to make informed decisions about life changes in their health needs


The platform caters to these needs in an interactive format, bringing together consumers, non-profit organizations, and medical institutions and practitioners.

How did uServeHealth begin?

The idea behind uServeHealth was born out of the founder’s recognized need that consumers, who were going through health challenges, needed to have one place where they could get all of their concerns addressed.

These concerns included, for example, learning more about their health conditions, getting connected to people who had successfully gone through similar conditions, linking up with peer support groups, participating in online fora, and connecting with healthcare professionals that could adequately take care of their needs.

Our Approach sets up apart?

What sets it apart from other platforms in the sector is this: while others focus on just a single element of a consumer’s healthcare needs, uServeHealth provides a comprehensive platform covering the users complete end 2 end healthcare needs from diagnosis, conversations, peer support, medical support, treatment options, side-effects through post treatment care.

Common Goals for Consumers and Medical Service Suppliers

The founders and management team share common goals and a passion to build a platform that introduces independence, trust and impartiality into the healthcare mix which supports and benefits both consumers and medical service suppliers. The aim of the platform is to educate, engage, connect and empower our users to promote health and well-being.

User Driven – People Focused

The uServeHealth team have put a great deal of effort into understanding the potential users of the platform and their needs; we, as uServeHealth are here as an organization to help educate, engage, connect and empower consumers who have wellness or healthcare needs, simply by signing up on the platform, following the steps, and interacting with the other users.

Health Care and Service Suppliers

The uServeHealth platform, in addition to our personal consumers, extends the ability to connect and engage with healthcare providers and service suppliers to generate a true end 2 end discussion with covering all aspects of healthcare and wellness.

The services based users, in addition to the ability to engage and discuss with individual users, are provided with a business listing page in the services directory together with the ability to engage with the user base through eCommerce, marketing and structured advertising.

Peers, Patients and Medical Professionals

Join one or more special interest groups, Connect with peers, patients, medical professionals, NGO’s or support groups to obtain and discuss a particular disease or illness.

Investigate complex illnesses and secondary illness including related issues, treatment options, possible and known side effects. Connect with local and specialist treatment centers and review existing user ratings.

Create a special interest group for your illness, passion, expertise, services or location.


Medical Facilities:
Improve Post Discharge Patient Engagement

In addition to our users and secondary healthcare services providers, a major addition to the platform is the inclusion of a CEM (Customer Experience Management) module which allows primary healthcare providers to engage, inform and educate our user base.

The Medical Group Services module includes an engagement medium for post discharged patients with features to improve the medical facilities HCAHPS scores (USA Medical Facilities), together with the ability to reduce re-admission rates and improve community health care programs.

Meet the Team:

The uServeHealth  Founders, Management Team and Adviser’s are committed to providing our individual consumers and business members with a structured yet flexible environment to promote discussion, debate, support and solutions to today’s healthcare needs delivered in a format suitable for today’s digital age.

  • Carl Johnson

    COO and Founder

    Program Manager and one of the founders of uServeHealth….

  • Craig Black

    CMO and Founder

    Emergency Room medical physician and CMO…….

  • Shain Waugh

    CEO and Founder

    15 year veteran of healthcare and vision behind uServeHealth…..

  • Steve Starr

    CTO and Founder

    Technology CTO and Solution Architect responsible for…..

Carl Johnson

COO and Founder

Carl has over 20 years of international experience in Telecoms industry and along with Shain, has been with uServeHealth from the beginning.

Prior to Joining uServeHealth, Carl held senior positions as Program Manager /Project Manager in several telcom companies.

Craig Black

CMO and Founder

Craig has spent his career providing medical care for emergency care patients within ER (Emergency Room) environments in large medical facilities catering for a diverse range of patients and community types.

Within uServeHealth, Craig is the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) with responsibilities for all the medical aspects of the platform.

Shain Waugh

CEO and Founder

Shain has 14 years experience in the healthcare industry, centered on community and clinical health.
Currently a candidate for both Doctor of Medicine and Doctorate of Public Health.
Shain’s responsibilities include integrating healthcare innovation across uServeHealth platform leading to a complete continuum of care, support, and education.

Steve Starr

CTO and Founder

Steve has spent his entire career in technology, centered on the Telecommunications industry vertical in addition to acting as CTO for a number of IOT centric start-ups.

Within uServeHealth, Stephen is responsible for all our technology related systems, solutions, processes and operations.


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