The Users “Feed” is the page that is displayed each time the user logs into the platform. From this page, the user can easily access all features and functions of the platform that are available for the user type.

After logging in, the user is taken to their personalized “Feed”:

From the Feed, the user has access to all the features and functions provided as part of the Membership plan they have selected (sample shown is for an “Individual User”).

The users Home Page is split into FOUR main functional area’s

The FOUR main functional area’s, indicated on the screen image below, are:

  • User specific “Main Menu”
  • User account “Action Area”
  • User account “Main Body”
  • Page “Quick Access Sidebar”

Each of the FOUR functional area’s is further described in the sections below:

Main Menu Area:

The Main Menu Bar area provides the user with access to many “User Account Specific” functions which include:

  • My Activity / Profile / Connections / Groups
  • Site Wide Content
  • Training Materials
  • Business Services Locator
  • Health News Data Feeds
  • Medical Facility Interfaces
  • Problem / Issue / Process Flows
  • etc.

User Action Area:

The User Action Area provides the user with quick and simple access to core functions of the site.

From this area, the user can:

  • Update their profile info
  • Update their background / avatar images
  • View their Wall and News feed
  • Read and reply to site / user notifications
  • Read and reply to site / user emails and messages
  • View and check on Friends and Followers
  • View and Upload Images, Video’s and Audio

Main Body Area:

This is a “Dynamic” area which is used to display the content the user selected from the Menu / User Action Area / Sidebar

The image shows a selection of data from the sample users “Feed”.

Main User Sidebar:

The Main “User Sidebar” is present on the majority of the logged in user pages and servers as quick access point to commonly used functions and features. The Sidebar content is “Dynamic” in nature in that it’s contents are modified, in real time, the the user actions:

  • Quick access to the users Friends
  • Quick access to site members that the user is “Following”
  • Suggestions for new friends based on settings and site usage
  • Quick access to the discussion Groups on the site
  • Suggestions to join new groups based on settings and site usage
  • Lists of Forums and Forum Topics


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